5-axis desktop CNC mill


The first version of the Mira was the beginning of an evolution of technology. Over the last 5+ years, the capability, speed, quality and controls of the Mira mill have changed as challenges were overcome and new ideas were implemented.

The latest model, the MIRA-3, boasts the best performance and quality, both in the end-product, your wax models, and in the materials and manufacturing techniques used to build the Mira.


New Features

New geometry for the Spindle attachment and an offset B rotary table now allows the MIRA-3 to operate the A-rotary axis at a very high angle, allowing the milling bit to have improved access to undercut and hollowing operations.

The machine has a powerful mechanical system. The Mira became heavier and more stable. While maintaining all the advantages of previous models.

The development of a new electronic controller has allowed for higher precision and greater operational stability. The new controller can now handle any size of G-code file, and is stable enough to run for days, non-stop.

Why 5 – Axis ?

5-axis CNC milling machine for jewelry modeling – a new generation of machines, that far exceed traditional 3 and 4 axis mills. These machines allow to rotate the workpiece simultaneously on two axes of rotation A and B. At the same time the spindle can be moved along three linear axes X, Y and Z.

Thus jewelry model can be processed completely on all sides, including the most inaccessible areas. This technology allows you to completely eliminate manual cutting models. The machine does all the work fully automatically, repeatedly rotating and moving workpiece and spindle.

Do not need any manual replacement or adjustment workpiece during the milling or manual finishing touch after the machine model. 5 Axis Milling allows the user to cut even the most complex pieces. Everything from undercuts, to awkward angles while all the while keeping a superior surface finish.

See numerous examples of models can be in the Gallery.



Directions and rotations on the Mira Mill

5 axis Mira Mill

MIRA MILL Resolution






High Reliability, High Accuracy

The machine is the latest model incorporates the best ideas and developments from the previous models. We conducted hundreds of tests and scientific experiments to achieve the highest resolution on the wax model. Each machine before you get to the client passes many days testing. At the same time it cuts real jewelry wax model. The machine is delivered to the customer fully aligned. For this purpose special packaging machine on the shock absorber that retains the accuracy of the machine. After unpacking the machine, the client can begin to work on it immediately, without any setting up

Dual Rotary Heads

The MIRA-3 has a unique high-precision dual rotary head design, developed by NS CNC. It allows the work-piece to simultaneously rotate on two axes, arranged at right angles to one another. This allows the cutting bit to get into the most difficult to reach parts of any model.

A piece milled on a Mira 3 won’t have inaccessible areas, which is a limitation of other machines. The machine is able to cut these pieces out automatically, and does not require any manual refinement or tool changes.

Machined Parts

The main body and major parts of the mill are cut on large CNC machines from solid aircraft grade aluminum, and fit together perfectly.

Anodizing protects the aluminum components from corrosion and increases durability, allowing you to keep the machine in excellent condition for many years.

Control System

The machine is equipped with control computer (notebook), connected to the machine by a USB cable. Additionally, the machine control computer can be simultaneously connected to WI-FI and used to communicate via Skype. You can also connect a webcam or USB microscope to assist with calibration and technical support. Sometimes it is necessary for users to request remote support with the operating the your new milling machine. As well, the notebook comes with an adjustable folding stand and waterproof NS – mouse and mousepad.

On the mill itself, many of the controls have been relocated to one control panel, allowing you to have access to a nerve center with all of the dials, switches and adjustments needed to keep your mill running smoothly.

Unique Wax Holders

The unique custom manufactured wax work-piece holders that ship with a new MIRA-3 allow the A rotary axis to get even closer to the spindle head, allowing for more access to your model.

It is recommended to existing MIRA-2 and MIRA-2E users to upgrade to these holders if you are using standard round or flat wax work-pieces. These fixtures have a much stronger grip on the wax than the adjustable chuck that shipped with your mill.

Available in two versions, cylindrical and slotted cylindrical, you can pick them up on our accessories page if you want to try one out!


NSK Nakanishi spindles are installed on all NS CNC mills. They are a world leader in precision machine tools, and in are the only choice for serious jewelers. The spindle has a long service life and is very reliable. The standard milling machine receives a 30,000 RPM spindle, but for faster milling you can choose to upgrade to a 50-60,000 RPM model.

Spindle collet set the standard diameter of 1/8″ (3.175 mm). If the user wants, we can put him collet any size from 1.0 mm to 6.5 mm in increments of 0.1 mm.

Mira – Bit

Our new NS-DC (Deep Cutting) Bit is a next generation, wax milling bit. What makes this bit special is the fact that the full exposed length of bit is useable for cutting: Manufactured from solid carbide, our high-volume clients are reporting up to 1 year average lifespan when milling modelling wax of all types. This new bit can be used for milling modelling wax on all types of CNC machines running NSK spindles, not just NS CNC mills.

Coolant System

Keeping the cutter and working piece wet during operation greatly improves the surface quality of your models. The coolant prevents the mill end (bit) from overheating and prevents the dust produced from milling from getting on everything in your shop. The duration and frequency of the coolant jet is completely user configurable: pulse duration from .01 to .25 seconds and frequency from .5 to 2 seconds, as well as a manual, always-on mode.

The system automatically and continuously filters and circulates the coolant. Used coolant is collected from the collection tray beneath your work piece and is recycled by draining back into the coolant reservoir. The coolant fluid contains a 5% – 15% emulsion of water-soluble oils. This prevents metal mill components from corroding. The recommended coolant is our own “NS-Cool”